The company was created by Stéphane Vrestraete, Ilvris is a Belgian company specialized in street and building illuminations. Our bright decors are for sale or for rent. ILVRIS has developed and patented a range of bulbs household fitted with LED bulb giving you a very beautiful and intense brightness. Even during the day, our lighted LED are visible.

Through our customers, we are targetting both cities and civil administrations such as malls, shop windows, distributors, installers and fairground entertainers.

ILVRIS has the characteristic of providing quality setting whose longevity is incomparable. Moreover most patterns are visible both day and night. Bright at night, the personalized or standard designs offer a unique decoration.

We are proposing you our own manufactured flat and 3D patterns all over Europe; this allows us to create your decorative elements, you always dreamt of and you have never seen anywhere else before. Your tailor made light is possible at ILVRIS.

We are offering you a wide range of decors, fast delivery times, competitive prices and guaranteed quality. Thanks to our several references and satisfied customers, we are certain to delight you during any festive occasion.



More than 45 years of existence on the market


Manufacturing illuminations “tailor made” and following your specific wishes.

Customers satisfaction

Full After sale service: we are following you and help you from the beginning to the end of your project (from the study of it to realize the dismantling, and more with the storage and maintenance for years).

Sustainable development Innovation

Our LED are Patented since 2008. These are bulbs LED fitted with low energy in order to put a lot of diodes without having to put a cooling system. We put up to 172 LED in a bulb, to have the equivalence of 100 watt incandescent bulbs. Our bulbs are bright even during the day.

Quality product and international recognition

Selection of quality raw materials, present in many countries such as France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, England, Sweden, Italy and more.

Day and Night visibility

Our range of designs in 2D and 3D has the special distinctive feature to incorporate into the most of its designs of carpets and fireproof frieze. This gives you a double decor and at the same time security. Indeed, you are avoiding the reflection of the sun in the aluminum frame (which presents a danger for the traffic) and especially your ornament is a beauty during the day and also at night when Leds are on.


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Products and Services

Illumination and decorations


Ilvris proposes you a range extremely spread by bright decorations for Christmas and new Year holidays but also for parties to themes, parks, buildings or events.

Out of idea of decorations? Do not worry, at Ilvris you are surrounded with professionals who will study enthusiastically your project and will propose you diverse possibilities which undoubtedly will fill you. Whether it is decorations with theme, personalized or still timeless decorations, each of your bright projects will be presented to you on pictures. It will allow you to have the most realistic possible overview of what we propose you.

See below the simulations realized for a project of decorations on facade as well as the livened up simulation, but also the realization made afterward

Here animated simulation, where you also discover two sizes different of reasons.

And here some photographs after realization of work:

Ilvris is with your service to carry you out projects original and custom-tailored,completely adapted to your environment, your places, etc the modern illuminations want to bein creasingly astonishing and creative, the materials used give possibilities without end and we do not fail to use them in order to offer awide range to you.
Our services for the luminous decorations are the following:
·      The study of your project and therealization of visualization
·      The sale of illumination
·      The hiring of luminous decorations
·      The installation: placement and disassembling
·      Maintenance and the setting with nine of your equipment in order to follow the new trends
·      The storage of your equipment in our buildings
Our products of decorations and illumination for small or great projects, can go from simplest to more out of commun run.
·      Garland with fire flies led or bulbs led, luminous curtains, carpet, etc
·      Reasons in 2 D and 3D
·      Timeless reasons, with topic of Christmas or other
·      Our speciality: reasons with decorations of day for a visibility in day
·      Three-dimensional decorations to suspend or put on the ground with incredibly large measurements
·      Decorations for Posts, Cross-pieces of street, Frontages, Round about, Bridge, Trees,Churches and other Buildings, Parks, Entry ofstreet, fountains, fir trees and trees, shopping…
·      Texts and logos
·      Projection on frontages

Here different catalogues from our products which you can download.



Ilvris follows the evolution of the bulbs and doe seven better than that since Ilvris creates lamps according to your needs (with the help of a certainquantity); the “customtailored one” in the bulbs, that exists too. Incandescent lamps, via theeconomic ones, éco-halogens, halogens orminiature lights (for village miniatures, live of Christmas, toys…) or lamps for trade open, without forgetting the lamps in LED; Ilvris to you provided the light which you need.

Moreover, to satisfy you as well as possible we deposited a patent on the lamps in led of our creation. Indeed, we developed bulbs in led which do not require a cooling system and which give you equivalence in lumen until the100 Watt incandescence. The diodes led are positioned so as to not have any black hole and light with 360° gives you. Models of bulb in led for the illuminations and the servant, at Ilvris, in fact the choice misses.

Discover the various explanatory documents below to download.



Ilvris proposes to you the sale with or without final installation of all type of lighting on elements headlights of your area. You wish to highlight your round abouts, fountains, buildings, churches or monuments; call up on us. We will study the different choice and to propose them to you using visualizations more realist possible.

You wish to make projections on frontages, Ilvris will propose to you in hiring or on sale project or with gobo personalized, which we can also install.
Are you in search of a lighting of car park? There still, Ilvris will propose various reinforcements to you provided with powerful lighting, with thevariable angles.

See our different folders to be downloaded.

Temporary and final installation




Below, you will find the list of the possibilities that Ilvris proposes to you so much with in the frame work as of festivities in:
– Wiring for sound and line 100 Volt, impedance
– Lighting
– Podium
– Generator
– Logistic accessories
– Accessories service


We seek a trade commissioner or the following profile :

  • Independent and outreach worker, persevering, dynamic, involved.
  • You dispose preferably a first commercial experience.
  • You're not afraid to push the door, take the phone.
  • You are perfectly bilingual.
  • You dispose a personal vehicle and a driver's license.

If you want to join our team for this position, please send your CV by email: ilvris@skynet.be


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BE - 1020 Bruxelles

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